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“A Touch Of Mystery…”

Do you like horror books and stories? Here’s something you will definitely be interested about:

I was chilling home, pretty much doing anything at all, when my brother Danny invited me to watch with him some scary stories he had found while surfing on YouTube (Stories told by a man I didn’t know of at that time, by the way.) Since I enjoy spending time with him, I accepted without hesitation… I’ve got nothing to say but Excellent recommendation Danny! I didn’t have to watch more than one story to realize that he was a marvelous storyteller. If you are a spanish-speaking person and you admire stories like those of Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, E.T.A. Hoffmann, John Collier, Saki among others. I’m sure you will love this. Let me just say for the record that I think you will be amazed before you are halfway through, just like I was! A dark room with a skylight where he’s sitting on an old chair, always having a cigarette sticking out of his mouth, providing a sense of horror and mystery is where each storytelling take place. After a couple of stories I’ve watched so far, I can tell I can’t get enough of the passion he has while doing such thing. At this point, you might be wondering who is the person I’m talking about, aren’t ya? Well, I’m talking about the Argentinean writer Alberto Laiseca.

The oral adaptations of horror stories Alberto Laiseca performs are totally amazing. The atmospheric sounds organization, the complexity of nuances in intonation and body language he assigns to each word are breathtaking. In my opinion, I think he’s one of the best Argentinean writers and storytellers. It’s a shame that there are only a few videos on the web. However, it’s interesting how you can see, feel and even smell from an auditory perception with his videos. Here is a bit of information I got from his personal blog:

Alberto Laiseca

Alberto Laiseca is an Argentinean writer. He was born on February 11, 1941, in Rosario, Argentina. He spent his childhood in Camilo Aldao, a town located around the boundary between the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fé. He worked in different provinces as harvester, call center employee, and proofreader for the newspaper “La Razón”. He starred in the anthology TV show “Cuentos de Terror” in I-Sat and presented films in the cycle “Cine de Terror” in Retro Channel. He co-starred in the award-winning film “El Artísta” (2009, Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn). In April 2011, the same directors released “Querida, voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo.” based on a story of his own. For years he’s been providing narrative workshops at the “Centro Cultural Rojas”. He is the author of the monumental novel Los Soria and 19 other books (novels, short stories, poetry and essays). The publishing house “Simurg” has just released his Cuentos Completos (in English: “Complete Stories”).

Source of his Bio: Alberto Laiseca’s Blog (Translated by EdBertotti)

Here’s one of his videos:

Miriam Allen deFord’s story “A Death in Family”  (August 21, 1888 – February 22, 1975) adapted by Alberto Laiseca

If you want to watch more of his videos, you can find them on YouTube by simply typing “Alberto Laiseca” into the search bar. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Peace out!


“Dog People” vs. “Cat People”

What pet best represents your personality? Are there really such things as “Dog people” and “Cat people”? Well, this topic kinda caught my attention so I decided to do a bit of research about it.

Let's try to get along.

Are there personality traits similar to cat owners compared to dog owners or other pets? Many people have done a lot of research over the time trying to delve into the differences between cat owners and dog owners.

Sam Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas conducted a web-based study involving several thousand participants (people who owned dogs or cats, as well as those who did not have a pet at all) in which they were asked whether they were dog people, cat people, neither or both. They were algo given an assessment that psychologists often use to study personalities. According to this study, 46% of participants were considered dog lovers, while 12% said the same about cats. 28% claimed they liked both dogs and cats and a 15% said they do not like these pets at all. Gosling summarized his results saying, “There is a widely held cultural belief that the pet species (dog or cat) with which a person has the strongest affinity says something about the individual’s personality, and this research suggests there are significant differences on major personality traits between dog people and cat people.”

Cats and dogs represent two totally different characters. Cats are independent creatures while dogs are essentially social, gregarious creatures and are most content in a pack situation. Cats might seem indifferent but that doesn’t mean they are cold at heart as they express their love in a different way. They just show their affection whenever they feel like doing so. Quite contrary to the common belief, cats do not like solitude. Cats are territorial creatures. They adapt to the surroundings as well as the people around them. Dogs are just into people. They get attached only to their owners. If you take a dog to a new place they will be happy as long as you stay with them; while cats might get scared and anxious if you take them away from their home. Cats will share their territory with others as long as they are kept satisfied and their basic needs are met. Dogs are definitely more friendly. Are these behavior traits similar to their owners? Well, the answer is a complete YES. These are the results:

Cat People vs. Dog People

This research has indicated that an individual’s preference for dogs or cats may have something to do with that person’s own unique personality. For instance, it was revealed that those who expressed a clear preference for dogs were more outgoing, sociable and agreeable than those who enjoyed the company of cats more. Dog people, also tended to be more conscientious when it came to self-discipline and completing tasks. It is thought that this preference for planned and sociable behavior mirrors the cooperative, organization found in many wild dog societies. On the other hand, those with a deep fondness for cats were found to be slightly more neurotic, yet also more open to new and unusual experiences and better able to appreciate a wider range of ideas and beliefs, had a greater appreciation for the arts, and displayed a higher degree of curiosity and imagination. Experts discovered that cat lovers, who tended to have a higher degree of openness, were also more likely to hold or explore unconventional beliefs. Those who had a lesser degree of openness were generally those who liked dogs better, and also were more likely to follow traditional beliefs and interests. Dog lovers tend to be very social and interactive, accepting, and better able to follow through on things. Additional findings revealed that exclusive cat owners tended to be less assertive and forceful, and more likely to speak honestly and trust more easily.

This study made it clear that the emotional bond we have with our pets is so strong that we share personality traits. Are you a “Dog Person” or a “Cat Person”?

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